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Birthday: 4/20/1989
Birthday: 4/1/1989
Birthday: 4/1/1983
Birthday: 4/28/1980
Grosso Nuno
Birthday: 4/14/1980
Birthday: 4/19/1977
Birthday: 4/3/1976
Birthday: 4/21/1975
Birthday: 4/7/1974
Birthday: 4/6/1973
Various of Penis Groups & more</a><br> by <a href='/profile/starrr7/'>starrr7</a>
Members: 14
Show your penis and be proud for who you're? Post your goods and services here
Guys with foot fetishes</a><br> by <a href='/profile/starrr7/'>starrr7</a>
Members: 2
Any Gay guys with a foot fetishes into other guys' feet?
20 - 30 somethings</a><br> by <a href='/profile/jonorwell/'>jonorwell</a>
Members: 10
A group for the younger generations of nudists to make friends with each other.
Small Penis Humiliation</a><br> by <a href='/profile/UKNUDISTS/'>UKNUDISTS</a>
Members: 2
For those who like being humiliated because they have a small penis.
Active or Former Military</a><br> by <a href='/profile/Bill/'>Bill</a>
Members: 2
Open to any nudist who served in the armed forces of his country.
Welsh Nudies</a><br> by <a href='/profile/Nudist_UK/'>Nudist_UK</a>
Members: 3
Group for all Welsh nudists wherever you may live.Would be great to get some local members and arrange some social events!
Proud erections</a><br> by <a href='/profile/none/'></a>
Members: 63
For the appreciation of your erect cock and balls
Scottish nudists</a><br> by <a href='/profile/tomas/'>tomas</a>
Members: 2
For nudists in Scotland to make contact
Cross Dressing Naturists</a><br> by <a href='/profile/ken_s91/'>ken_s91</a>
Members: 5
For naturists who like to cross dress
London Nudists</a><br> by <a href='/profile/ken_s91/'>ken_s91</a>
Members: 14
For those in or near London
Tri State Nudists</a><br> by <a href='/profile/Phinnman/'>Phinnman</a>
Members: 3
Nudists from the Cincinnati, Ohio metro area which includes Southwest Ohio, Northern Kentucky and Southeast Indiana.
Driving Naked</a><br> by <a href='/profile/rhode43/'>rhode43</a>
Members: 41
for people who love driving naked
Naked Country Walks</a><br> by <a href='/profile/rhode43/'>rhode43</a>
Members: 48
for guys who like to get naked in the country
Masturbation</a><br> by <a href='/profile/rhode43/'>rhode43</a>
Members: 80
for guys who enjoy masterbating
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